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Wheel Loaders

Wheel loaders

Hyundai manufactures "3", "7", "9", "SL" and "HL9" series front end loaders. The operating weight of this equipment ranges from 9.8 tons to 29.3 tons. The bucket volume is 1.7-4.8 cubic meters, and the volume of the bucket with a cutting edge is 1.8-5.1 cubic meters. Hyundai wheel loaders are equipped with Cummins diesel engine, the power of which is 93-250 kW. Each model is equipped with Kawasaki hydraulics and electronics Toshiba.

The machines have a long index. The letters HL in the beginning of the model name denote the type of equipment - Hyundai wheel loaders. It is followed by the model number. The number after HL indicates an increase in weight, bucket capacity and engine power. The letters TM after the model number indicate that there is an attachment on the parallel arms, and it is possible to equip the machine with additional equipment - forks.

The entire range of Hyundai front loaders has a modification with an increased dumping height of the bucket, which is denoted by the index XTD.

The number 7 in the index is an indicator of the current Hyundai range of front loaders. The A index located after the series number indicates the compliance of the 7A series engine with the Euro 3 environmental standard. The engine of the 7 Series meets Euro 2 standard. Front loaders Hyundai are characterized by all-wheel drive. The front axle is rigidly fixed to the frame and has a floating rear axle with cast steel housing, unloaded half-axles and planetary final drives in wheel hubs. The differential is self-locking to the rear and front axle. Machines are equipped with a dry, two-element air filter with dust valve. Bucket dumping height is 2730-3300 mm, the maximum lifting height of the bucket hinge is 3640-4510 mm. The cooling system of this equipment is independent liquid. The equipment can operate at temperatures from +50 to -40 degrees.

Hyundai wheeled wheel loaders are suitable for loading and unloading of lumpy and granular materials, as well as loosening rock or semi-rocky rocks, moving crushed stone, gravel, sand and other materials, land leveling, earthworks, construction and road installation and rigging works.