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Wheel Excavators

Wheel Excavator

Hyundai wheeled excavators on the world market are represented by "3", "7", "9" and "HW" series models. The operating weight of this equipment varies from 5.4 tons to 21 tons. The bucket volume is 0.18-1.05 cubic meters, the maximum digging depth is equal to 4820-6300 millimeters.

The machines are equipped with diesel engines Mitsubishi, Yanmar, Cummins Scania, Perkins, Deutz, Iveco, Kubota, Weichai rated at 42-176 kW.

The letter R in the beginning of the model name indicates the type of equipment - excavators Hyundai. Then there are numbers indicating the rounded mass of the machine in tons. For example, the wheeled excavator R200W-7 will weigh 20.5 tons.

The second letter in the index of the model tells about the technical features of the running gear. In this case - W, that is, the wheelbase. The number 7 or 9 is the current Hyundai excavator series. The A index that follows the series number indicates that the engine series 7A meets Euro 3 environmental standards, and the engine series 7 - Euro 2. Also after the series number can be alphabetical indices that characterize the features of the working tools of wheel excavators Hyundai. D - equipment for demolition. The working tools have an insert located between the arm and the boom, the length of which is 2.6 meters. Also the boom and arm have increased length. HS - the height of the slew ring is increased. These excavators have the ability to go deeper into the water. LR - the boom and arm are of increased length. The technique has an increased height of unloading and digging depth.

Hyundai wheeled excavators can be equipped with the following attachments: narrow backhoe bucket, hydro hammer, trencher, hydraulic drill, leveling bucket, grader bucket, grader bucket, tiltrotator, block gripper.

The frame of Hyundai wheel excavator is metal X-shaped structure of complicated design. It is made of special high-strength steel.

This technique is characterized by steering. The machines are equipped with a main pump made by KAWASAKI.

Hyundai wheeled excavators are used for excavation of embankments, trenches, pits, quarries, can be used for loading and unloading of bulk materials. In addition, the equipment is used for industrial, road and residential construction, for loosening rock and frozen ground.