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Crawler Excavators

Crawler Excavator

In 1985, Hyundai Heavy Industries opened a special equipment department, which only three years later began producing excavators under its own name, and to date, the equipment of this manufacturer is firmly in the top 20. Plants of Hyundai for the production of heavy machinery are located in China, India and Brazil, not including its subsidiaries. Among the wide range of produced machines, from bulldozers to loaders, a special place hold crawler excavators by Hyundai.

The modern range of crawler excavators Hyundai opens R35-7 model weighing 3.3 tons, the engine power - about 36.7 hp and a digging depth of 3.2 meters. This compact excavator will be in demand in tight spaces. The line of medium-class tracked excavators begins with models weighing 11 and 13 tons - we are talking about the R-110-7 and R-140LC-7 with a bucket volume up to 0.6 cubic meters. The top of the range is rightly considered a crawler excavator Huyndai R-800LC-7A weighing 82.3 tons and able to dig at a depth of 7.2 meters. The engine power of this model is 460 hp, and the bucket capacity is 4.5 cubic meters. Thus, the customer has the opportunity to select the model suitable for a particular project.

The crawler excavators by Hyundai are equipped with diesel engines by Mitsubishi and Cummins, as well as with self-developed engines by Hyundai.

Here is a list of standard symbols for crawler excavators Hyundai: the letter R in the beginning of the model name means the type of equipment - excavators Hyundai. Then follow the digits, which are the mass of the machine in cents (rounded). For example, the R110-7 excavator weighs 11.2 tons. With the letters that follow, you can decipher the technical features of the excavator undercarriage. The longer crawler base is denoted by LC, the dozer blade by LCD, and the narrow undercarriage and cab by NLC. A index indicates compliance of the engine with Euro 3 standard.

The model name can also contain designations indicating the working equipment of crawler excavators Hyundai: FS - model with a straight shovel; D - boom and arm length increased for demolition works; HS - increased swing height; LR - increased dumping height and digging depth.